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Apprentiseship Indenture

Dated 21st day of October 1870
Henry McGough Cooper
first part
Pat McGough son second part
and Thomas Nestor Carpenter
Indenture of Apprenticeship
This Indenture made the Twelfth day of October in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy Between Henry McGough of Garrynasillogue Parish of Inagh in the County of Clare, Cooper of the first part, Pat McGough of Garrynasillogue Parish of Inagh aforesaid in said County, Labourer of the second Part and Thomas Nestor of Gurthaclare in Said County Carpenter of the third part, witnesseth that the said Pat McGough doth by and with the Consent and approbation of his father the said Henry McGough testified by his executing these presents,  put in place and bind himself apprentice to the said Thomas Nestor to be taught the trade or business of a Carpenter in all its branches and with him as an apprentice to dwell and serve from the day of the date hereof for and during the term of four years from thence next ensuing and fully to be completed and ended during all which time the said apprentice his said master well and faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands everywhere gladly do, hurt to his said master he shall not do, nor willingly suffer to have done by others the goods monies or effects of his said master he shall not embezzle or waste or lend them without his consent at all = card dice or any other unlawful game he shall not play, Taverns, Ale Houses or Tea Houses he shall not ??? to frequent, - fornication he shall not commit, Matrimony he shall not contract - from the service of his said Master he shall not at any time depart or absent himself during his apprenticeship without his masters leave but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice shall and will demean and behave himself, to his said master and all his during the said term.
And the said master for the consideration aforesaid shall and will teach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed his said apprentice during the term aforesaid in the said trade and business of a carpenter onto all its branches as aforesaid and shall and will find and allow until his said apprentice board and lodging only during said term fit for such apprentice and according to the custom of the trade and the said Henry McGough shall and will find and provide his said son that said Pat McGough with  with all clothes both linen and Woollen and all and every other necessary something for the said term (except his board and lodging a foresaid) and for the true performance of all and every the covenants and agreements hearing before contained
The said parties hereto bind themselves and each bind himself to the other
In witness whereby the parties aforesaid have here into subscribed their names and affixed there seals the day and year first before written _
Signed Sealed and Delivered
by the said parties in presence of
James Barry John Callinan
Henry McGough Pat McGough Thomas Nestor
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