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Colonel Tottenham Patrick Henry Mcgough Synge School

Agreement between Lieutenant Colonel Tottenham
and Patrick H McGough about the proposed
Synge national school at Mount Callan
I Patrick H McGough in then take and contract to a wrecked and finish the saying national school and to build the out offices and in closing wall – to level and drain the ground and finish all the work to the satisfaction of the C.E. of the Board of Works according to the plans and specifications supplied by him for the sum of £240 on the following conditions
1st - That Lieutenant Colonel Tottenham supply all build stone and sand
2nd - That I pay for the lime and all other material required for the work and that the carting of all material required after this date be undertaken by both
3rd - That I undertake to begin the work on the 1st of July 1894 and have it finished on or before the 1st of January 1895 under penalty of £2.10 shillings for every week that the work remains unfinished after the 1st of January 1895
4th - That I procure two Sureties for £100 as security that I will carry out and finish the work satisfactorily
5th -  That instalments of the money be supplied to me according as the work progresses by Lieutenant Colonel Tottenham and as near as possible to amount of the value of the work done.
I name as my Sureties
Dates                                                         Signed
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